Good Samaritan

Good Samaritan of Richland County is one of the oldest and most stable charitable organizations to serve this community. Good Samaritan provides a myriad of services including utility bill assistance, food and clothing donations, as well as serving as a clearinghouse for everyday charity requests.

Each week, members of First Presbyterian Church can be found serving meals and building relationships at 211 E. Main St. in Olney. If you are interested in serving at Good Samaritan with a group from First Presbyterian Church, please contact our Mission Elder by calling 618.392.6101.

We also collect food items for the Food Pantry. You can drop these items off at our cabinet by the Fellowship Hall.

Here is the schedule for 2014.

January – Laundry soap

February – Cereal

March – Pasta and Sauce

April – Jello or Pudding

May – Canned Fruit

June – Handsoap (bars)

July – Peanut Butter and Jelly

August – Canned Veggies

September – Tuna

October – Sugar

November – Soup and Crackers

December – Cereal